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Our Clients Talk Back!

Louise McDaniel v4

It is my great pleasure to recommend Peggy Kline for your next conference. Peggy presented at our “In the Interest of Women” conference sponsored by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc. She was in fact one of our highest rated speakers. Peggy’s ability to mix hilarious laughter with vital information truly made her a tremendous success. We have already invited her back for our next conference!”

Richelle Hunt
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc
Director of Special Events 

Thank you for entertaining us during our Women’s Center for Life Grand Opening. Your program Who’ Mothering Mom? was such a delight! I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at the truth. Mothering is a difficult job but you gave excellent tips on how to manage! As well, I want to thank you for helping us organize and prepare for our presentation. Your radio and newspaper interviews went so well and they served as great advertising for our new Women’s Center. I had more confidence planning because I knew that your great ideas were just a phone call away.

Lisa Smith
Women’s Health Program Coordinator
Decatur County Memorial Hospital

You are an absolute JOY! You light up a room and have a special gift for forming a connection with every participant. This was our first experience working with a national, professional key-note speaker and we were hesitant about the extra cost that would go into the project. You have proved to us that professionalism is worth the budget bottom line. Most local/regional speakers focus their concerns on what THEY can provide or what THEY need. Instead, you put the emphasis on providing for US. I heard you say more than once, “What do YOU want. What are YOUR goals. WHO is the target population. How can I meet YOUR needs” These questions reassured me that you would take the time to personalize your presentation to focus on the true meaning of our event.

Katie Maxon
Dickinson County Healthcare System
Women’s Wellness Committee Chair
Community Education

Peggy as you know the Girls Night Out was wonderful. Your performance was a great success! The audience had tears of laughter running down their faces – it isn’t easy to make 1,500 women laugh! It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing it again in the future.

Hannah Hanford
Associate Vice President of Development
CVPH Center

What a pleasure to work with you again!!!! Every time just gets better and better. I truly appreciate your easy going nature and you truly are one of the easiest speakers that I have worked with over the last ten years. You are a programming director’s dream.

Jill Hazelton, RN, MSN
Director, Community Services
SUMMA Health Systems


Louise McDaniel v4Thank you for your excellent presentation, at our annual woman’s health symposium “Women’s Health Choices: NOW”. You received the highest marks of all the twenty speakers. Your approach to the audience was refreshing, instructive, practical and humorous. As a frequent speaker myself, I know it is not an easy task and you surely have mastered this technique. As a conference planner, you were a delight to work with in all aspects of designing a multi-disciplined conference. You responded well to all our deadlines, submitting the requested materials in the format requested, and you directly asked what were our expectations for your presentation. Congratulations on an outstanding job! Your presentation will long be remembered.

Kleia R. Luckner, RN, CNM, JD
Clinical Administrator
Center for Women’s Health
The Toledo Hospital

The Center for Women’s Health invited Peggy to give three presentations. The first two presentations were to health-care professionals on our two hospital campuses. She spoke about the importance of humor in the workplace and the benefits of laughter. With 20 years of public relations experience, I have never had employees comment so positively about a speaker. Not only was Peggy’s presentation extremely funny, but it had a lot of substance and, therefore, proved highly motivational for both audiences. The following day Peggy gave a public presentation. I was most impressed that she thoroughly knew her audience and had “done her homework.” Peggy truly “comes alive” in front of a group, and her genuine friendly warmth shines through on stage.

Christine Wasserman, Senior PR Coordinator
The Toledo Hospital Public Relations Dept.
ProMedica Health System, Inc.

Phew! It’s over, and our Women’s Symposium was a tremendous success. I have a stack of evaluations from our 500 guests, and the general consensus is “Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!” For the second year, you entertained and inspired us. Your presentation was the perfect accompaniment to our “Affairs of the Heart” theme. Our sold-out crowd certainly is an indication that the women in our area were anxious to see you again! My only regret is that now I must come up with a program next year that will at least meet the high standards which you have helped us set for this event. Thank you so much for another wonderful Symposium. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Janette E. Duster
Coordinator for Community Relations and Special Events
Bon Secours Cottage Health Services